Mentals Live @ PI HOTEL on 8pm, 22nd of DEC 2018

11 Dec 2018

Formed at art school in 1976 Mental As Anything are now commemorating the 40th anniversary of their first 1978
record Mental As Anything Plays At Your Party with a reissue of the original vinyl.
Produced by the late Cameron Allan as the first product of Regular Records
Label only 1100 copies were pressed at the time.
A rerelease of this disc in the original vinyl in late 1978 is being celebrated by a live multitrack multi camera
recording of Mental As Anything’s 2018 full live show.
The present line-up of the band features original singer keyboardist Greedy Smith; ex Atlantics guitarist Martin
Cilia; drummer Jacob Cook; guitarist vocalist Craig Gordon and bassist vocalist Peter Gray.
Greedy is keen to show off this latest version of the Mentals to display their reverence for the original recordings
and turning out fine new original material.
“The response we’ve been getting over the past twelve months from punters all over the country has told me that
now is the time to show off this set with this line-up.”
“People have been very concerned and understanding about Martin pulling out due to cancer and I’ve felt a
responsibility to bring the band as close as I can back to the original recordings to protect the legacy.”
Recorded at Surfersaurus, Hillsdale Australia in front of a party crowd.
Long time collaborator producer engineer
Steve James (RocknRoll Music, Cyclone Raymond, 5 Track ep) has captured a fat and accurate audio signal and
Moshcam with its multi camera production has caught the Mentals doing what they’ve been doing for over 40

To learn how to access the live video, visit mentalasanything.com or join the band at

The electronic press pack includes:
01 This Release
02 Band Bio and the Story Behind The Film
03 Mentals Live Film Highlight Reel
04 Mentals Live Film Promo
05 New Live Track – Dance With You
06 New Live Track – You’re So Strong
07 Story Behind Dance With You
08 Story Behind You’re So Strong

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